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RVOController Class Reference

RVO Character Controller. More...

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Public Member Functions

void Awake ()
void Move (Vector3 vel)
void OnDisable ()
void OnEnable ()
void Teleport (Vector3 pos)
void Update ()

Public Attributes

float agentTimeHorizon = 2
Vector3 center
bool debug = false
float falloff = 1
float height = 1
bool locked = false
LayerMask mask = -1
float maxSpeed = 2
float obstacleTimeHorizon = 2
float radius = 5
float wallAvoidForce = 1

Protected Member Functions

void UpdateAgentProperties ()


Vector3 position [get]
Vector3 velocity [get]

Private Attributes

float adjustedY = 0
Vector3 desiredVelocity
Vector3 lastPosition
 Position for the previous frame.
IAgent rvoAgent
Simulator simulator
Transform tr

Detailed Description

RVO Character Controller.

Designed to be used as a drop-in replacement for the Unity Character Controller, it supports almost all of the same functions and fields with the exception that due to the nature of the RVO implementation, desired velocity is set in the Move function and is assumed to stay the same until something else is requested (as opposed to reset every frame).

Requires an RVOSimulator in the scene

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