A* Pathfinding Project  4.0.7
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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NNInfo Struct Reference

Result of a nearest node query. More...

Detailed Description

Result of a nearest node query.

Public Member Functions

 NNInfo (NNInfoInternal internalInfo)

Static Public Member Functions

static operator GraphNode (NNInfo ob)
static operator Vector3 (NNInfo ob)

Public Attributes

readonly GraphNode node
 Closest node.
readonly Vector3 position
 Closest point on the navmesh.


Vector3 clampedPosition [get]
 Closest point on the navmesh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NNInfo ( NNInfoInternal  internalInfo)

Member Function Documentation

static operator GraphNode ( NNInfo  ob)
static operator Vector3 ( NNInfo  ob)

Member Data Documentation

readonly GraphNode node

Closest node.

readonly Vector3 position

Closest point on the navmesh.

This is the query position clamped to the closest point on the node.

Property Documentation

Vector3 clampedPosition

Closest point on the navmesh.

This field has been renamed to position

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