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FadeArea Class Reference

Editor helper for hiding and showing a group of GUI elements. More...

Detailed Description

Editor helper for hiding and showing a group of GUI elements.

Call order in OnInspectorGUI should be:

  • Begin
  • Header/HeaderLabel (optional)
  • BeginFade
  • [your gui elements] (if BeginFade returns true)
  • End

Public Member Functions

 FadeArea (bool open, Editor editor, GUIStyle areaStyle, GUIStyle labelStyle=null)
void Begin ()
bool BeginFade ()
void End ()
void Header (string label)
void Header (string label, ref bool open)
void HeaderLabel (string label)

Public Attributes

bool open
 Is this area open.

Static Public Attributes

static bool fancyEffects

Private Member Functions

void Tick ()

Static Private Member Functions

static float Hermite (float start, float end, float value)
 Hermite spline interpolation.

Private Attributes

const float animationSpeed = 100f
GUIStyle areaStyle
Editor editor
GUIStyle labelStyle
Rect lastRect
float lastUpdate
float value
bool visible

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FadeArea ( bool  open,
Editor  editor,
GUIStyle  areaStyle,
GUIStyle  labelStyle = null 

Member Function Documentation

void Begin ( )
bool BeginFade ( )
void End ( )
void Header ( string  label)
void Header ( string  label,
ref bool  open 
void HeaderLabel ( string  label)
static float Hermite ( float  start,
float  end,
float  value 

Hermite spline interpolation.

void Tick ( )

Member Data Documentation

const float animationSpeed = 100f
GUIStyle areaStyle
Editor editor
bool fancyEffects
GUIStyle labelStyle
Rect lastRect
float lastUpdate
bool open

Is this area open.

This is not the same as if any contents are visible, use BeginFade for that.

float value
bool visible

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