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The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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OptimizationHandler Class Reference

Helper for enabling or disabling compiler directives. More...

Detailed Description

Helper for enabling or disabling compiler directives.

Used only in the editor.

A* Pro Feature:
This is an A* Pathfinding Project Pro feature only. This function/class/variable might not exist in the Free version of the A* Pathfinding Project or the functionality might be limited
The Pro version can be bought here


class  DefineDefinition

Static Public Member Functions

static void ApplyDefines (List< DefineDefinition > defines)
static void DisableDefine (string name)
static void EnableDefine (string name)
static List< DefineDefinitionFindDefines ()
static void IsDefineEnabled (string name, out bool enabled, out bool consistent)

Static Private Member Functions

static string GetAstarPath ()
static Dictionary
< BuildTargetGroup, List
< string > > 
GetDefineSymbols ()
static void SetDefineSymbols (Dictionary< BuildTargetGroup, List< string > > symbols)

Static Private Attributes

static readonly BuildTargetGroup[] deprecatedBuildTargets
 Various build targets that Unity have deprecated.

Member Function Documentation

static void ApplyDefines ( List< DefineDefinition defines)
static void DisableDefine ( string  name)
static void EnableDefine ( string  name)
static List<DefineDefinition> FindDefines ( )
static string GetAstarPath ( )
static Dictionary<BuildTargetGroup, List<string> > GetDefineSymbols ( )
static void IsDefineEnabled ( string  name,
out bool  enabled,
out bool  consistent 
static void SetDefineSymbols ( Dictionary< BuildTargetGroup, List< string > >  symbols)

Member Data Documentation

readonly BuildTargetGroup [] deprecatedBuildTargets
Initial value:
= new BuildTargetGroup[] {

Various build targets that Unity have deprecated.

There is apparently no way to figute out which these are without hard coding them.

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