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The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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CustomPath Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CustomPath (Vector3 start, Vector3 end, OnPathDelegate callbackDelegate)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ABPath
 ABPath ()
 Default constructor.

Public Attributes

float penaltyMultiplier = 1F
- Public Attributes inherited from ABPath
bool calculatePartial
 Calculate partial path if the target node cannot be reached.
GraphNode endNode
 End node of the path.
Vector3 endPoint
 End point of the path.
Vector3 originalEndPoint
 End Point exactly as in the path request.
Vector3 originalStartPoint
 Start Point exactly as in the path request.
Int3 startIntPoint
 Start point in integer coordinates.
GraphNode startNode
 Start node of the path.
Vector3 startPoint
 Start point of the path.
- Public Attributes inherited from Path
OnPathDelegate callback
 Callback to call when the path is complete.
int enabledTags = -1
 Which graph tags are traversable.
Heuristic heuristic
 Determines which heuristic to use.
float heuristicScale = 1F
 Scale of the heuristic values.
OnPathDelegate immediateCallback
 Immediate callback to call when the path is complete.
NNConstraint nnConstraint = PathNNConstraint.Default
 Constraint for how to search for nodes.
List< GraphNodepath
 Holds the path as a Node array.
ITraversalProvider traversalProvider
 Provides additional traversal information to a path request.
List< Vector3 > vectorPath
 Holds the (possibly post processed) path as a Vector3 list.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ABPath
static ABPath Construct (Vector3 start, Vector3 end, OnPathDelegate callback=null)
 Construct a path with a start and end point.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ABPath
override void CalculateStep (long targetTick)
 Calculates the path until completed or until the time has passed targetTick.
override void Cleanup ()
 Always called after the path has been calculated.
virtual void CompletePathIfStartIsValidTarget ()
 Checks if the start node is the target and complete the path if that is the case.
virtual bool EndPointGridGraphSpecialCase (GraphNode closestWalkableEndNode)
 Applies a special case for grid nodes.
override void Initialize ()
 Initializes the path.
override void Prepare ()
 Prepares the path.
override void Reset ()
 Reset all values to their default values.
void UpdateStartEnd (Vector3 start, Vector3 end)
 Sets the start and end points.
void Setup (Vector3 start, Vector3 end, OnPathDelegate callbackDelegate)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ABPath
int[] endNodeCosts
 Saved original costs for the end node.
PathNode partialBestTarget
 Current best target for the partial path.
- Package Functions inherited from ABPath
override string DebugString (PathLog logMode)
 Returns a debug string for this path.
override uint GetConnectionSpecialCost (GraphNode a, GraphNode b, uint currentCost)
 May be called by graph nodes to get a special cost for some connections.
- Package Attributes inherited from Path
float duration
 How long it took to calculate this path in milliseconds.
Path next
 Internal linked list implementation.
- Properties inherited from ABPath
virtual bool hasEndPoint [get]
 Determines if a search for an end node should be done.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CustomPath ( Vector3  start,
Vector3  end,
OnPathDelegate  callbackDelegate 

Member Data Documentation

float penaltyMultiplier = 1F

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