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AnimationLink Class Reference


class  LinkClip

Public Member Functions

void CalculateOffsets (List< Vector3 > trace, out Vector3 endPosition)
override void OnDrawGizmosSelected ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from NodeLink2
void Apply (bool forceNewCheck)
void InternalOnPostScan ()
void OnDrawGizmos ()
void OnDrawGizmos (bool selected)
override void OnGraphsPostUpdate ()
 Called after graphs have been updated using GraphUpdateObjects.
override void OnPostScan ()
 Called right after all graphs have been scanned.
- Public Member Functions inherited from GraphModifier
virtual void OnGraphsPreUpdate ()
 Called before graphs are updated using GraphUpdateObjects.
virtual void OnLatePostScan ()
 Called at the end of the scanning procedure.
virtual void OnPostCacheLoad ()
 Called after cached graphs have been loaded.
virtual void OnPreScan ()
 Called right before graphs are going to be scanned.

Public Attributes

float animSpeed = 1
string boneRoot = "bn_COG_Root"
string clip
GameObject referenceMesh
bool reverseAnim = true
LinkClip[] sequence
- Public Attributes inherited from NodeLink2
float costFactor = 1.0f
 The connection will be this times harder/slower to traverse.
Transform end
 End position of the link.
bool oneWay = false
 Make a one-way connection.

Static Private Member Functions

static Transform SearchRec (Transform tr, string name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GraphModifier
enum  EventType {
  PostScan = 1 << 0, PreScan = 1 << 1, LatePostScan = 1 << 2, PreUpdate = 1 << 3,
  PostUpdate = 1 << 4, PostCacheLoad = 1 << 5
 GraphModifier event type. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from NodeLink2
static NodeLink2 GetNodeLink (GraphNode node)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from NodeLink2
override void OnDisable ()
 Removes this modifier from list of active modifiers.
override void OnEnable ()
 Adds this modifier to list of active modifiers.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GraphModifier
static List< T > GetModifiersOfType< T > ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from GraphModifier
ulong uniqueID
 Unique persistent ID for this component, used for serialization.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from NodeLink2
static Dictionary< GraphNode,
reference = new Dictionary<GraphNode, NodeLink2>()
- Static Package Functions inherited from NodeLink2
static void DeserializeReferences (Pathfinding.Serialization.GraphSerializationContext ctx)
static void SerializeReferences (Pathfinding.Serialization.GraphSerializationContext ctx)
- Properties inherited from NodeLink2
PointNode endNode [get, set]
GraphNode EndNode [get]
Transform EndTransform [get]
PointNode startNode [get, set]
GraphNode StartNode [get]
Transform StartTransform [get]

Member Function Documentation

void CalculateOffsets ( List< Vector3 >  trace,
out Vector3  endPosition 
override void OnDrawGizmosSelected ( )

Reimplemented from NodeLink2.

static Transform SearchRec ( Transform  tr,
string  name 

Member Data Documentation

float animSpeed = 1
string boneRoot = "bn_COG_Root"
string clip
GameObject referenceMesh
bool reverseAnim = true
LinkClip [] sequence

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