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A* Pathfinding Project ProA* Pathfinding Project FreeUnity ProSimplePath
many other features than pathfinding
Source Code Included
Access to pathfinding data (nodes, mesh in navmesh graphs etc.)raw data access not possible, api calls for some things exist
Multiple Graphs
Node Penaltiesper Navmesh Layer
Grid Graphs
    Graph Updates
    2D Physics API Supportfor grid/point graphsfor grid/point graphs
    Graph Linecast
    Textures for penalty
Point Graphs
    Graph Updates
    Sparse Graph Optimization
Navmesh Graphs
    Graph Updatesonly existing nodesonly existing nodesonly existing nodes
    Graph Linecast
Layered Grid Graphs
    Graph Updates
    Graph Linecast
Recast - Automatic Navmesh Generation
    Navmesh Cutting
Extendable Path Modifiers e.g smoothing
    Path smoothing
    Funnel algorithm (string pulling)
Separate Pathfinding Thread
Any number of pathfinding threads
Local avoidance
Cached startup: no calculation time at startforced
Graph recalculation in-game
Manual Node links
Pathfinding Tags/Layers
Multiple Heuristics (manhattan, euclidean etc.)only supports euclidean
Specialized path typesNone included, but possible to write your own
Graphs can be saved to file
Bounding Box Trees for navmeshes (much faster nearest node queries)

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