A* Pathfinding Project  3.8.2
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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RichPath Class Reference

Public Member Functions

RichPathPart GetCurrentPart ()
void Initialize (Seeker s, Path p, bool mergePartEndpoints, RichFunnel.FunnelSimplification simplificationMode)
 Use this for initialization.
void NextPart ()
bool PartsLeft ()

Public Attributes

Seeker seeker

Private Attributes

int currentPart
readonly List< RichPathPartparts = new List<RichPathPart>()

Member Function Documentation

RichPathPart GetCurrentPart ( )
void Initialize ( Seeker  s,
Path  p,
bool  mergePartEndpoints,
RichFunnel.FunnelSimplification  simplificationMode 

Use this for initialization.

sOptionally provide in order to take tag penalties into account. May be null if you do not use a Seeker\
pPath to follow
mergePartEndpointsIf true, then adjacent parts that the path is split up in will try to use the same start/end points. For example when using a link on a navmesh graph Instead of first following the path to the center of the node where the link is and then follow the link, the path will be adjusted to go to the exact point where the link starts which usually makes more sense.
simplificationModeThe path can optionally be simplified. This can be a bit expensive for long paths.
void NextPart ( )
bool PartsLeft ( )

Member Data Documentation

int currentPart
readonly List<RichPathPart> parts = new List<RichPathPart>()
Seeker seeker

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