A* Pathfinding Project  3.6
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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Todo List
Member AIPath.CalculateTargetPoint (Vector3 p, Vector3 a, Vector3 b)
This function uses .magnitude quite a lot, can it be optimized?
Class AstarDebugger
Add field showing how many graph updates are being done right now
Member AstarPath.graphUpdateAsyncEvent
Should be signaled in OnDestroy
Member AstarPath.showSearchTree
Add a showOnlyLastPath flag to indicate whether to draw every node or only the ones visited by the latest path.
Member EditorGUILayoutx.editor
Ugly, rewrite this class at some point...
Member GraphNode.RecalculateConnectionCosts ()
Use interface?
Member GridGraph.CalculateConnections (GridNode node)
Test this function, should work ok, but you never know
Member GridGraph.GetNearest (Vector3 position, NNConstraint constraint, GraphNode hint)
Set clamped position for Grid Graph
Member GridGraph.GetNearestForce (Vector3 position, NNConstraint constraint)
Set clamped position for Grid Graph
Class LockFreeStack
Member NavGraph.CountNodes ()
GridGraph should override this
Member Polygon.IntersectionFactorRaySegment (Int3 start1, Int3 end1, Int3 start2, Int3 end2)
Double check that this actually works
Class RVONavmesh
Support for grid based graphs will be added in future versions
Class SimpleSmoothModifier
Make the smooth modifier take the world geometry into account when smoothing
Member Voxelize.ErodeVoxels (int radius)
Complete the ErodeVoxels function translation
Member Voxelize.MaxRegions
: Check up on this variable