Fast Facts

Just some random facts about the system:

Search speed (nodes/ms, including overhead)

Depends, usually around 1000-2500 (on my computer in a standalone build), but it varies a lot (few connections per node yields faster searches). With search speed I mean that, if we take a search speed of 1000 as an example: a path which searches 22000 nodes will take about 22 ms to calculate. If running on more than one thread (a* pro feature) it can reach 12500 nodes per ms. Note that the performance in standalone builds is significantly higher than the performance in the Unity Editor.

Creator's name

Aron Granberg

Graph structures supported

Grid, Point, Navmesh

Node Position precision

0.001 (1/1000) Integer values

Node Position Range (xyz)

± 2147483 (you may start to loose precision before that however, I would recommend keeping the world coordinates within ±16000)

Requires Unity Pro


Works with Js

Yes, at the click of a button. The button can be found in the A* Inspector–>Settings–>Editor–>Enable Javascript Support

Works for mobile (e.g iPhone)

Users have tested the project on Android and iPhone, both seem to work without any problems