A* Pathfinding Project  3.8
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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ProceduralWorld Class Reference


class  ProceduralPrefab
class  ProceduralTile

Public Attributes

ProceduralPrefab[] prefabs
int range = 1
 How far away to generate tiles.
bool staticBatching = false
 Enable static batching on generated tiles.
int subTiles = 20
Transform target
float tileSize = 100
 World size of tiles.

Private Member Functions

IEnumerator GenerateTiles ()
void Start ()
void Update ()

Private Attributes

Queue< IEnumerator > tileGenerationQueue = new Queue<IEnumerator>()
Dictionary< Int2, ProceduralTiletiles = new Dictionary<Int2, ProceduralTile>()
 All tiles.

Member Function Documentation

IEnumerator GenerateTiles ( )
void Start ( )
void Update ( )

Member Data Documentation

ProceduralPrefab [] prefabs
int range = 1

How far away to generate tiles.

bool staticBatching = false

Enable static batching on generated tiles.

Will improve overall FPS, but might cause FPS on some frames when static batching is done

int subTiles = 20
Transform target
Queue<IEnumerator> tileGenerationQueue = new Queue<IEnumerator>()
Dictionary<Int2, ProceduralTile> tiles = new Dictionary<Int2, ProceduralTile>()

All tiles.

float tileSize = 100

World size of tiles.

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