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TagMask Class Reference

Holds a tagmask. More...

Detailed Description

Holds a tagmask.

This is used to store which tags to change and what to set them to in a Pathfinding.GraphUpdateObject. All variables are bitmasks.
I wanted to make it a struct, but due to technical limitations when working with Unity's GenericMenu, I couldn't. So be wary of this when passing it as it will be passed by reference, not by value as e.g LayerMask.

This class is being phased out

Public Member Functions

 TagMask ()
 TagMask (int change, int set)
override string ToString ()

Public Attributes

int tagsChange
int tagsSet

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TagMask ( )
TagMask ( int  change,
int  set 

Member Function Documentation

override string ToString ( )

Member Data Documentation

int tagsChange
int tagsSet

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