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RaycastModifier Class Reference

Simplifies a path using raycasting. More...

Detailed Description

Simplifies a path using raycasting.

This modifier will try to remove as many nodes as possible from the path using raycasting (linecasting) to validate the node removal. Either graph raycasts or Physics.Raycast

Public Member Functions

override void Apply (Path p)
 Main Post-Processing function.
bool ValidateLine (GraphNode n1, GraphNode n2, Vector3 v1, Vector3 v2)
 Check if a straight path between v1 and v2 is valid.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MonoModifier
void Awake ()
 Alerts the Seeker that this modifier exists.
void OnDestroy ()
void OnDisable ()
void OnEnable ()
virtual void PreProcess (Path p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IPathModifier
void Apply (Path p)
void PreProcess (Path p)

Public Attributes

int iterations = 2
LayerMask mask = -1
Vector3 raycastOffset = Vector3.zero
bool subdivideEveryIter
bool thickRaycast
float thickRaycastRadius
bool useGraphRaycasting
 Use raycasting on the graphs.
bool useRaycasting = true
- Public Attributes inherited from MonoModifier
Seeker seeker


override int Order [get]
- Properties inherited from MonoModifier
abstract int Order [get]
 Modifiers will be executed from lower order to higher order.
- Properties inherited from IPathModifier
int Order [get]

Static Private Attributes

static List< Vector3 > nodes
 To avoid too many memory allocations.

Member Function Documentation

override void Apply ( Path  p)

Main Post-Processing function.

Implements MonoModifier.

bool ValidateLine ( GraphNode  n1,
GraphNode  n2,
Vector3  v1,
Vector3  v2 

Check if a straight path between v1 and v2 is valid.

Member Data Documentation

int iterations = 2
LayerMask mask = -1
List<Vector3> nodes

To avoid too many memory allocations.

An array is kept between the checks and filled in with the positions instead of allocating a new one every time.

Vector3 raycastOffset = Vector3.zero
bool subdivideEveryIter
bool thickRaycast
float thickRaycastRadius
bool useGraphRaycasting

Use raycasting on the graphs.

Only currently works with GridGraph and NavmeshGraph and RecastGraph.

A* Pro Feature:
This is an A* Pathfinding Project Pro feature only. This function/class/variable might not exist in the Free version of the A* Pathfinding Project or the functionality might be limited
The Pro version can be bought here
bool useRaycasting = true

Property Documentation

override int Order

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