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IGraphInternals Interface Reference

Exposes internal methods for graphs. More...

Detailed Description

Exposes internal methods for graphs.

This is used to hide methods that should not be used by any user code but still have to be 'public' or 'internal' (which is pretty much the same as 'public' as this library is distributed with source code).

Hiding the internal methods cleans up the documentation and IntelliSense suggestions.

Public Member Functions

void DeserializeExtraInfo (GraphSerializationContext ctx)
void DeserializeSettingsCompatibility (GraphSerializationContext ctx)
void DestroyAllNodes ()
void OnDestroy ()
void PostDeserialization (GraphSerializationContext ctx)
IEnumerable< ProgressScanInternal (bool async)
void SerializeExtraInfo (GraphSerializationContext ctx)


string SerializedEditorSettings [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeserializeExtraInfo()

void DeserializeExtraInfo ( GraphSerializationContext  ctx)

◆ DeserializeSettingsCompatibility()

void DeserializeSettingsCompatibility ( GraphSerializationContext  ctx)

◆ DestroyAllNodes()

void DestroyAllNodes ( )

Implemented in NavGraph, NavGraph, and GridGraph.

◆ OnDestroy()

void OnDestroy ( )

◆ PostDeserialization()

void PostDeserialization ( GraphSerializationContext  ctx)

◆ ScanInternal()

IEnumerable<Progress> ScanInternal ( bool  async)

Implemented in GridGraph, NavGraph, and NavGraph.

◆ SerializeExtraInfo()

void SerializeExtraInfo ( GraphSerializationContext  ctx)

Property Documentation

◆ SerializedEditorSettings

string SerializedEditorSettings

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