A* Pathfinding Project  4.3.2
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
JobHorizonAvoidancePhase1 Struct Reference

Inspired by StarCraft 2's avoidance of locked units. More...

Detailed Description

Inspired by StarCraft 2's avoidance of locked units.

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Public Member Functions

void Execute (int startIndex, int count)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Sort< T > (NativeSlice< T > arr, NativeSlice< float > keys)
 Super simple bubble sort. More...

Public Attributes

SimulatorBurst.AgentData agentData
NativeArray< float2 > desiredTargetPointInVelocitySpace
NativeArray< float2 > desiredVelocity
SimulatorBurst.HorizonAgentData horizonAgentData
NativeArray< int > neighbours


bool allowBoundsChecks [get]
- Properties inherited from IJobParallelForBatch
bool allowBoundsChecks [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ Execute()

void Execute ( int  startIndex,
int  count 

Implements IJobParallelForBatch.

◆ Sort< T >()

static void Sort< T > ( NativeSlice< T >  arr,
NativeSlice< float >  keys 

Super simple bubble sort.

This will be replaced by a better implementation from the Unity.Collections library when that is stable.
Type Constraints
T :struct 

Member Data Documentation

◆ agentData

◆ desiredTargetPointInVelocitySpace

NativeArray<float2> desiredTargetPointInVelocitySpace

◆ desiredVelocity

NativeArray<float2> desiredVelocity

◆ horizonAgentData

◆ neighbours

NativeArray<int> neighbours

Property Documentation

◆ allowBoundsChecks

bool allowBoundsChecks

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