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The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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RVOSquareObstacle Class Reference

Square Obstacle for RVO Simulation. More...

Detailed Description

Square Obstacle for RVO Simulation.

A* Pro Feature:
This is an A* Pathfinding Project Pro feature only. This function/class/variable might not exist in the Free version of the A* Pathfinding Project or the functionality might be limited
The Pro version can be bought here

Public Attributes

Vector2 center = Vector3.one
 Center of the square.
float height = 1
 Height of the obstacle.
Vector2 size = Vector3.one
 Size of the square.
- Public Attributes inherited from RVOObstacle
RVOLayer layer = RVOLayer.DefaultObstacle
ObstacleVertexWinding obstacleMode
 Mode of the obstacle.

Protected Member Functions

override bool AreGizmosDirty ()
 Called in the editor.
override void CreateObstacles ()
 Create Obstacles.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RVOObstacle
void AddObstacle (Vector3[] vertices, float height)
 Adds an obstacle with the specified vertices.
void FindSimulator ()
 Finds a simulator in the scene.
virtual Matrix4x4 GetMatrix ()
 Get's the matrix to use for vertices.


override bool ExecuteInEditor [get]
override float Height [get]
override bool LocalCoordinates [get]
override bool StaticObstacle [get]
- Properties inherited from RVOObstacle
abstract bool ExecuteInEditor [get]
 Enable executing in editor to draw gizmos.
abstract float Height [get]
abstract bool LocalCoordinates [get]
 If enabled, all coordinates are handled as local.
abstract bool StaticObstacle [get]
 Static or dynamic.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RVOObstacle
enum  ObstacleVertexWinding { KeepOut, KeepIn }
 RVO Obstacle Modes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RVOObstacle
void OnDisable ()
 Disables the obstacle.
void OnDrawGizmos ()
 Draws Gizmos.
void OnDrawGizmos (bool selected)
 Draws Gizmos.
void OnDrawGizmosSelected ()
 Draws Gizmos.
void OnEnable ()
 Enabled the obstacle.
void Start ()
 Creates obstacles.
void Update ()
 Updates obstacle if required.
- Protected Attributes inherited from RVOObstacle
Pathfinding.RVO.Simulator sim
 Reference to simulator.

Member Function Documentation

override bool AreGizmosDirty ( )

Called in the editor.

This function should return true if any variables which can change the shape or position of the obstacle has changed since the last call to this function. Take a look at the RVOSquareObstacle for an example.

Implements RVOObstacle.

override void CreateObstacles ( )

Create Obstacles.

Override this and add logic for creating obstacles. You should not use the simulator's function calls directly.

See Also

Implements RVOObstacle.

Member Data Documentation

Vector2 center = Vector3.one

Center of the square.

float height = 1

Height of the obstacle.

Vector2 size = Vector3.one

Size of the square.

Property Documentation

override bool ExecuteInEditor
override float Height
override bool LocalCoordinates
override bool StaticObstacle

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