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LayerGridGraphUpdate Class Reference

GraphUpdateObject with more settings for the LayerGridGraph. More...

Detailed Description

Public Attributes

bool preserveExistingNodes = true
 If true, nodes will be reused.
bool recalculateNodes
 Recalculate nodes in the graph.
- Public Attributes inherited from GraphUpdateObject
int addPenalty
 Penalty to add to the nodes.
Bounds bounds
 The bounds to update nodes within.
List< GraphNodechangedNodes
 Nodes which were updated by this GraphUpdateObject.
bool modifyTag
 If true, all nodes' tag will be set to setTag.
bool modifyWalkability
 If true, all nodes' walkable variable will be set to setWalkability.
NNConstraint nnConstraint = NNConstraint.None
 NNConstraint to use.
bool requiresFloodFill = true
 Controlls if a flood fill will be carried out after this GUO has been applied.
bool resetPenaltyOnPhysics = true
 When updatePhysics is true, GridGraphs will normally reset penalties, with this option you can override it.
int setTag
 If modifyTag is true, all nodes' tag will be set to this value.
bool setWalkability
 If modifyWalkability is true, the nodes' walkable variable will be set to this value.
GraphUpdateShape shape
 A shape can be specified if a bounds object does not give enough precision.
bool trackChangedNodes
 Track which nodes are changed and save backup data.
bool updateErosion = true
 Update Erosion for GridGraphs.
bool updatePhysics = true
 Use physics checks to update nodes.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from GraphUpdateObject
 GraphUpdateObject ()
 GraphUpdateObject (Bounds b)
 Creates a new GUO with the specified bounds.
virtual void Apply (GraphNode node)
 Updates the specified node using this GUO's settings.
virtual void RevertFromBackup ()
 Reverts penalties and flags (which includes walkability) on every node which was updated using this GUO.
virtual void WillUpdateNode (GraphNode node)
 Should be called on every node which is updated with this GUO before it is updated.

Member Data Documentation

bool preserveExistingNodes = true

If true, nodes will be reused.

This can be used to preserve e.g penalty values when recalculating

bool recalculateNodes

Recalculate nodes in the graph.

Nodes might be created, moved or destroyed depending on how the world has changed.

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