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Super polished pathfinding

I'm very impressed by this asset! Examples are great, it's well documented, and this pro-version's automatic navmesh generation works right out of the box. In a quick prototype I threw together today I had little soldiers running all over the place, up and down ramps, around trees and other obstacles.

Stefan Persson

This is the one.

After playing with various path find tools and sinking money into them this finally worked almost instantly. Dont bother with the others this is the best. Logical easy to integrate.


Great product

Powerful path finding with clean efficient code. Developer is active and responsive.


Best on the Assetstore

If you are looking for a fast and robust pathfinding solution, then this is the one to get. Comes with a lot of examples and tweaking possibilities (i really like that part).


This is a prime example of what an asset store package should be

This is hands down the best asset in this store. It is extremely easy to use, and has lots of hooks for tailoring it to your specific needs.

Dan M

Must-Have, Seriously

Parnassian Studios

A fantastic resource!

Without this product, I wouldn't have a project. Or rather, I would, but it would have ground to a halt as I spent hundreds of hours trying to make something even remotely as effective as the Pathfinding Project. I would much rather spend tens of hours learning documentation (which this product is replete with), than hundreds of hours trying to reinvent the wheel.


Amazing Pathfinding Solution!

This is a very deep asset, that can take a while to really grasp everything it can do, but once you figure it out, it's pretty amazing, and it's worth the time it takes to learn how to use it, because in the end, it'll save you a TON of time. It's also worth noting that the support is outstanding. I ran into a problem while trying to customize the way this works for my specific project, and Aron went above and beyond to help me find a solution that works for me. I couldn't be happier with what this offers, and I look forward to getting more familiar with all of the functions. This asset is truly inspirational! Now my characters no longer get stuck after running face first into walls!


My favorite pathfinding solution for years now!


Worth Every Penny

After I spent $10 here and $20 dollars there (probably spending more than this project cost) I finally broke down and shelled out the money for this pathfinding project. Well, if anything proves the adage 'You get what you pay for' this is it. If I had just gotten this earlier for my project it would've saved me a lot of time and money. [...] This is the navigation system I would've expected from Unity themselves.

Black Triangles

The Definitive Pathfinding System for Unity

Unity's built-in nav system was too limited for the project I was working on. I needed to create nav graphs at runtime and update them on the fly. That is exactly what this package does, and then some.

Kevin Lukic


As a student who doesn't have any income or any other part time job, I am really happy to have spend my 100 euros on this asset!! It's worth it


Excellent Toolkit, and probably the best support on the Asset Store.

So the toolkit itself does everything you'd expect from a good A* pathfinding system. It's particularly efficient too - I had a couple of thousand individual seekers running across a 1000 node navmesh, and it held up pretty well. All of the included classes are well-built, and very easy to customise through either editing the scripts themselves, or by simply messing with the public variables on their respective inspector windows. Lastly, the Developer is extremely engaged with supporting his community - I made two separate forum posts at opposite ends of one day, looking for some guidance with the project I was building using the A* tool. The Developer responded to both posts within a couple of minutes, and instantly solved any problems I was facing. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a complete pathfinding solution.


True Genius

Not only does the software deliver, but it is well designed, has an intuitive UI and the website has comprehensive How To's, Tutorials and documentation. Well done!

Micky Duncan

Awesome Pathfinding solution and great support


Fantastic Asset

One of the assets I always recommend to programmers who are starting to deal with pathfinding. I consider this easily one of the five best assets on the entire Asset Store. [...]

Brennan Anthea

Fantastic asset

Like many I started with the free version but quickly switched to the Pro version. Totally awesome, well written code and after messing around with it for a few days I was up and running. After some tweaks (the source is well written and documented) I was able to have it fully multi-threaded on PS4 and running very efficiently. Also the author assisted me when I wanted to make a few small modifications. Went above and beyond. Great asset, stop reading this and buy it.


Really High-quality asset that doesn't fall apart as others

Hey Aron, I want to thank you for this asset pack, I think not many people truly understand how much work you've put into this. I've also written a VXGI in my custom engine a year ago, so I can somewhat relate to your efforts. The whole system is incomparably better than default Unity's navMesh, and I can see Unity proposing to buy your asset in near future (if that's what you want). I really wish you can polish Recast to get rid of minor surface-generation errors, described here, on your forum: [...] Also, I was really relieved that you are providing a way for characters to "flee" from a certain coordinate, getting the navAgent as far as possible. I've been strugging with for so long ...why haven't I purchased your asset earlier? :') And of course your tutorials are amazing. Please polish the Recast, otherwise thank you once again! ps: love your coding style


Great Product Great Support

I've been playing with this for a while now on the free version and jumped at the chance to buy the pro version when it was in the sale. So far this asset has saved a lot of time, specially with some of the additional features included in the pro version (randompath/fleepath etc). The support has been excellent, i've asked a few questions to help get my head around it and the publisher has replied instantly with a detailed response. The last reply came back within 3 minutes! Five stars for you sir, well done.


Must-have pathfinding asset

Long overdue review for this asset. Where do I even start? This asset does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, in terms of pathfinding. You will most likely go and try to implement one yourself first. As you should. Once you realize how complicated approaches like flood filling are, you will appreciate what this asset brings to the table. It not only provides you with pathfinding, but flexible versions of it. You can have your characters walk across multiple floors, only on certain type of surfaces, etc. The author's customer support is exemplary. If there is anything at all wrong with the asset, he is always there to help. If there is something that doesn't seem to work for you, it will most likely have already been answered in the forums. He is very patient and I thank him for his efforts. As for the price, yes, it is high. However, it is something you will be using over and over, in multiple features and games. I would rather focus on building the parts of the game that are fun, rather than pathfinding, which is why I left that work to this asset.


Far too powerful for my needs

I cant say that is a bad thing, but this really is overkill for what I wanted from a pathfinding system! This will be the only package I will likely ever need for this. Still learning it tho.


Great stuff

The author is super helpful on the forum. He helped me out with my non-trivial performance-intensive use-case of the package. The package itself has a tonne of options. It is sometimes difficult to wrap one's head around all of them. However the documentation is pretty thorough. And if that doesn't help you can get some help from the author. He literally replied within minutes of me writing. The full version is pretty expensive. You will need it if you are writing a performance focused application where there are many objects moving at the same time and interacting - say 50+ objects moving at once. The source code is easy enough to understand to dig through as well if documentation isn't clear on something.



Awesome asset! Saved me a lot of time. Thanks!


The only one serious pathfinding solution for Unity 5.

I tried a lot of path finding solutions for my RTS game, but when it comes to developing AI based on it, then i would choose this asset again and again. Path finding AIs need a stable and well adjustable path finding solution, which is provided by this path finding engine


This is awesome!

This does everything which i could expect from a pathfinding system. Most of the stuff is free but i got the pro version because of automatic Navmesh generation which is insanely quick to generate and the texture penalties. I was a little hesitant on price but i am unbelievably happy with this. Was able to start up my own test scene from scratch and have an object with goes to a selected target using this pathfinding system within 10 minutes. First 5 minutes was to understand how to use it and last 5 minutes was to integrate it in a script. I would love to give this a 10 but rating does let me do it :(


The best Unity Pathfinding Solution

I've been using this in my game for a little over a month now, and it's by far the best Unity pathfinding solution I've come across. If the Unity navmesh pathfinding isn't quite cutting it look no further than this

Chris Durel

Everything you need

Thank you so much for this package. Easy to use and it actually works!!

Fernando Dudka

Top Notch Pathfinding Solution

Packed with features and more performant than unity's built in pathfinding. What more could you ask? Along with great support, this is the perfect add-on. Thanks for a great asset.


Classic example of the best in Unity Assets

Wonderful project and superior AI pathfinding. Aron G. has been with Unity and supporting the community with this project for years. Excellent work, docs, performance, ease of use and feature set. AAA

Chuck Mahenski

Do pathfinding and local avoidance like the big studios

This pathfinding solution is worth every penny, it is miles ahead from any other solution. Don't waste your time with the convoluted and overly engineered Apex Path or the unity navmesh, this is THE solution for pathfinding in Unity.


Solid Pathfinding and tonns of features

Robert Thompson

Superior Alternative to Built-in NavMesh for Some of Us

This is a fantastic add-on and I highly recommend it. I had my troops finding paths and navigating within the first hour. I've been playing with the more advanced features since then, such as path smoothing, and it's all very impressive. This package is powerful, flexible, well designed, and intuitive.

Clay Fowler

Outstanding Value! This is a must have tool.

Got AI in my game running in about an hour. The asset is extensively documented with text and video tutorials. There is even support from the creator on their forum. Just an great asset that can be used for so many applications. I am using it for an RTS game. Don't waste time, just buy it.



Great asset, amazing support.

Studio ZYX

Best pathfinding on the asset store

It has something for everyone. Lots of features and it's fast. Even works for mobile. Support is quick and always helpful. The code is well written and have lots of comments. I use this in all projects where something have to navigate through a changing environment.


Very useful

I was using the built in unity pathfinding and it does not offer the flexibility or efficiency that this product offers. So far it is exactly what I needed for my project. Thanks for the good work!


Possibly the best Unity pathfinding solution


Good Good Good

Far better than Unity's pathfinding system. Some learning curve to master it all, but worth it!!!


Fantastic without a doubt

In every game where I needed pathfinding, this has been my number one option, and it has proven to be a very good choice. You might have some issues with 2d content, however, you can easily solve those and Aron is working on the proper 2d version as well. The support is great as well. Couldn't recommend this more.


Super Amazing Brilliant Pathfinding Solution

I also have the second best other asset which is Apex Path and Apex Steer which do NOT even come close to the pure brilliance of A* Pathfinding Project. Put it this way. Procedurally generated terrains (RTS style game) Apex Path just falls over. Crash and burn style. But A* Pathfinding handles it out of the box with the Recast Graphs. Yes it takes 30 seconds to generate the graphs. Aha but wait. With A* Pathfinding Project we can make our own modified version of the Graph Generators and optimize it to our scenarios. All I can say is that A* Pathfinding Project is way beyond amazing.


Great product, well written

Aron Granberg's A* is a community staple at this point, and it's easy to see why. This is a massive upgrade compared to Unity's built-in pathfinder. It's a lot more configurable, the agents are _much_ better behaved, and there's source access. What's there not to like? There's a rich example set to get started, too! The asset has it's own forums over at, and the author is active, so getting help with issues seems to be easy. The only real complain is the comment style. It's not proper C# xml-comments, so Visual Studio and other editors won't include comments with autocomplete menus. The API is generally well commented too, so this is a shame.


Fantastic asset and incredible support

I bought this asset a while back, but as a playmaker user I didn't went through it yet. The documentation is really detailled, every thing a coder needs is in it. However, as non coder, I had some troubles making it work with my setup of FSM. I went on the forum and the creator answered my questions in less than an hour! He's been really helpfull, patient, and quick. A real model for asset creators! Now thanks to his help I can start to fully exploit this incredible asset without much difficulty; A must buy for anyone who needs some proper AIs!


Just Simple!

Cannot believe how amazing this is. Docs, examples and everything in between ready to plug-in to your game. Don't have time to write the individual lines of code to use the API then just use the ready-made code that the package provides.


Great Lib!

I bought it and never regretted the purchase once. It's fast, flexible and easy to use. Recommended!

Ian T

Absolutely the best!!!

Quick to implement and use, versatile and well structured. The best pathfinding asset i have ever seen.


Really quite impressive!

I played with the free version all day, and now I've purchased the full version. Well worth the minimal cost for all the work that went into this. The kit has everything I need, and more. It is well documented and the coding is easy to grasp. It's incredibly fast (runtime) to-boot. It has plenty of examples and tutorials on the web page. Nice job, Aron, really quite impressive!


Really Impressed

I'm interfacing with the pathfinding entirely through scripting. I first tried "Apex Path", and after a few hours I couldn't figure out how to update the grid and manipulate it to the level that I require. Apex was very opinionated about how I do everything, so it wasn't a good fit for me. Then I tried Astar Pathfinding and immediately it made sense to me. In a few hours I was up and running, building the grid and recalculating nodes exactly how I wanted. As I delved in deeper I was continually impressed, so I bought the pro version. The multithreading is incredible. The source code *clicks* with me, I find it easy to understand and extend, where as Apex's source code was maybe a bit too verbose and... again, "opinionated". I really apprecate the this project, I was worried I'd be sinking weeks into building my own solution. Thank you!


The best pathfinding solution on Unity!

André "Intentor" Martins

Package full of goodness!

Pathfinding has always been a bit tricky to get right. But you can stop those thougts right now. This package has got you set up in no time. It can look daunting in the beginning, but it's really simple. So if you are serious about your game, and want a solid solution, then look no further. Besides, the cost of developing such a capable solution will be substantially higher than just getting this package.


Excellent support

Excellent support


A few of the games using the A* Pathfinding Project

Kofi Quest

Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is a not-so-serious adventure that brings together mechanics from Action RPG and RTS games. You’ll control Kofi, a weak, lazy and unlucky videogame character that will be followed by a group of interesting (and pathetic) characters aiding him to live a great adventure.

Check it out


Divide is developed by Exploding Tuba Studios and is a character-driven, science fiction action/adventure game with a modern take on isometric adventures of the past. It has been released on PlayStation 4.

Check it out


Darkwood - a new perspective on survival horror. Scavenge and explore a rich, ever-changing free-roam world by day, then hunker down in your hideout and pray for the morning light.

The A* Pathfinding Project has been a great tool to use in our project, thanks to how easy it is to get it up and running (I had very little programming knowledge when I started work on Darkwood), the multitude of options and complexity under the hood. A ton of features were available out of the box and fit Darkwood perfectly, with very good settings to optimize the pathfinding for our needs to get that extra inch of performance or shave off a few bytes of memory. We easily extended it to cover the needs for the logic for our lighting system, so that the AI can account for areas that are lit. The support we received during development was also very fast and precise.

Check it out

911 Operator

Game about the difficult work of people that manage emergency lines and services. Answer incoming calls and react properly - give first aid instructions, advise, dispatch correct number of firemen / police / ambulances, or sometimes - just ignore the call.

Check it out

Cubemen & Cubemen 2

Cubemen is an action packed, original 3D Tower Defense game that mixes TD and RTS in the most exciting way possible! And it uses the A* Pathfinding Project!
It was a finalist in the 2012 Unity Awards.
Cubemen 2 has now been released as well, it is also using the A* Pathfinding Project!

Check it out


Explore colonial India through a literary lens in this procedural open world RPG. Branching narratives, combat, stealth and survival mechanics let you tell your own versions of Nobel Prize winner Rudyard Kipling's masterpiece.

Check it out

Folk Tale

Folk Tale will be a sandbox fantasy city builder strategy game in which you lead a ragtag band of peasants in growing a small settlement into a thriving market town, while the dastardly Slavemaster Urzal and his minions plot your downfall. Sound the rallying call and head out into the wilds with parties of heroes and fight back the tide of evil in a game of endless possibilities.
Folk Tale for PC, Mac and Linux is developed by indie collaboration studio Games Foundry.

Check it out

Void Bastards

Inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2, Void Bastards is a revolutionary new strategy-shooter that will test your wits as well as exercise your aim. Can you lead the misfit prisoners of the Void Ark through the derelict spaceships and myriad dangers of the Sargasso Nebula?

Check it out

Cult of the Lamb

Start your own cult in a land of false prophets, venturing out into diverse and mysterious regions to build a loyal community of woodland Followers and spread your Word to become the one true cult. We love the A* Pathfinding Project, Aron is a master of what he does and we couldn't recommend it enough!

Check it out

Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Take control of the seasons and use them to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and discover the beautiful world of Valdi in this award-winning indie adventure.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons won the Best Unity Game award at gamescom 2017.

Check it out


Dwerve is a singleplayer tower-defense dungeon crawler RPG in which the player assumes the role of a dwarven Warsmith, or war-engineer, named Dwerve. Armed with turrets and traps, our hero adventures into dungeons crawling with dwarf-thirsty fiends to hack 'em to pieces and burn 'em to ash.

Dwerve sheds a strategic light on role-playing games by introducing real-time tactical tower-defense combat to the rich storytelling, exploration, looting, upgrading, and questing of dungeon crawler RPGs.

Check it out

112 Operator

Manage emergency services in any city in the world! Take calls and dispatch rescue forces. Handle difficult situations, now depending on the weather, and traffic. Help the citizens through cataclysms and natural disasters, becoming a better emergency number operator every day!

Check it out