A* Pathfinding Project 3.1 beta released!

I just released the beta version of the A* Pathfinding Project 3.1.

The release has almost everything working, just a few details which need to be reworked, so it is stable enough to be used in a game. But please back up your projects before upgrading.

Pro users which have bought it at this website can use the download link in the confirmation email they got when first buying it, the zip file linked will now contain both the current version and the 3.1 beta.

Sorry, but I didn’t have time to upload the beta version to the Asset Store (and I won’t have time for about two weeks). Those who have bought it there will have to wait for the final 3.1 release.

I hope you will find it a great upgrade!


  1. MarcinB says:

    Thank you very much for update. I just bought PRO version. The most important future for my project is local avoidance.

  2. Stewart VanBuren says:

    Hello Aron,

    I am developing a prototype for an ant/bug simulation/RTS game. If you could I would like you to email me your thoughts on how I could use your A* pathfinding and expand it to work on select vertical surfaces. This is mainly to show ants or bugs walking on walls or other objects. If you don’t have time I understand, but please let me know that you don’t have the time so I can continue on my own.

    -Stewart VanBuren

    • Aron Granberg says:

      Without knowing very much about the project, I would say navmeshes would be the best approach. A navmesh you created could have polygons representing ground as well as vertical surfaces. You would probably have to subdivide the polygons to create a mesh which looks a bit grid like since you will not be able to use the funnel modifier on those paths (it does not support vertical surfaces in any great extent).
      This would enable you to use e.g the simple smooth modifier to get a nice path.
      As previously mentioned, I don’t know much about how your game will look like, so my suggestions might not be entirely valid, a screenshot would help.


  3. Tuhljin says:

    Is there some way to tie purchases made on this site to the Asset Store or vice versa? For the future, that is, as apparently it’s not being done now (and I don’t expect you to change that while you’re on vacation). I ask because it seems like it’d be convenient to have a purchase through the store but I don’t like the idea of being excluded from beta releases when you’re in a rush.

    • Aron Granberg says:

      The problem is that I cannot see who have bought the package from the Asset Store. I know there is some verification system to let me see if a specific user has bought a specific package from me. I might be able to do something with that but it would be very hackish, lots of form validation and text parsing would be required. But I will investigate if it is possible.

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