A* Pathfinding Project 3.0 is Released!

So finally I have released version 3.0 of the A* Pathfinding Project.
This version is a rewrite of everything. The user interface is completely new and it seems to be a tiny bit faster too, especially when counting with that 3.0 has multithreading, i.e it can run the pathfinding in a separate thread so it will barely affect the frame rate on 2+ core computers.
Well, I can’t explain all features here, go check them out yourself – A* Pathfinding Project

The Pro version of the system is not released yet though, I’m waiting for a response from the Unity Asset Store guys.

I have also been working on better documentation for the system. I decided to go for Doxygen, a tool which enables me to add small documentation snippets directly in the source code and it will search through the files and put everything together to a nice documentation page.
I haven’t been able to document every single function and variable, but it’s lots of progress compared to 2.9x.
Check it out here – Documentation