Version 3.0 Update

Hi everyone.

Version 3.0 release date is nearing. So I thought I should share some news:

New features I have implemented since the last video.

Path pooling (reduces memory allocations)
Max slope and max climb settings for grid graph
More stable graph updates
Smaller file sizes for saved graphs.
Generally more stable
Optimized search modes for multiple start points to one end point
Better documentation! Using Doxygen, I’m building docs for every single function and variable.

I will release the system as a Free version and one Pro version. The Free version will have most of the features, but the Pro one will have some additional advanced features such as Recast graph generation and optimized pathfinding modes, I have not decided exactly what it will contain or the price. Both version will be distributed on the Unity Asset Store!
And the free version will also be available on my website.

Here’s a new video for you:
A stress test of the system with 600 agents pathfinding back and forth across a plane while obstacles spawn randomly. The AI’s are quite crappy, but they are using raycasting simplification (even with thick raycasts!).

The YouTube ID of htoen7x3LuQ&version=3 is invalid.

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  1. Brandon Anderson says:

    Looks impressive

    Hopefully it comes out before I finish my current project 😀

    Good Job

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