A* Pathfinding Project  4.3.5
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
LegacyRVOController Class Reference

RVO Character Controller. More...

Detailed Description

RVO Character Controller.

Designed to be used as a drop-in replacement for the Unity Character Controller, it supports almost all of the same functions and fields with the exception that due to the nature of the RVO implementation, desired velocity is set in the Move function and is assumed to stay the same until something else is requested (as opposed to reset every frame).

For documentation of many of the variables of this class: refer to the Pathfinding.RVO.IAgent interface.

Requires an RVOSimulator in the scene
See also
Use the RVOController class instead. This class only exists for compatibility reasons.

A* Pro Feature:
This is an A* Pathfinding Project Pro feature only. This function/class/variable might not exist in the Free version of the A* Pathfinding Project or the functionality might be limited
The Pro version can be bought here

Public Member Functions

void Update ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RVOController
Vector3 CalculateMovementDelta (float deltaTime)
 Direction and distance to move in a single frame to avoid obstacles. More...
Vector3 CalculateMovementDelta (Vector3 position, float deltaTime)
 Direction and distance to move in a single frame to avoid obstacles. More...
void ForceSetVelocity (Vector3 velocity)
void Move (Vector3 vel)
 Set the desired velocity for the agent. More...
void SetCollisionNormal (Vector3 normal)
 Set the normal of a wall (or something else) the agent is currently colliding with. More...
void SetTarget (Vector3 pos, float speed, float maxSpeed)
 Set the target point for the agent to move towards. More...
void Teleport (Vector3 pos)
 Teleport the agent to a new position. More...
Vector2 To2D (Vector3 p)
 Converts a 3D vector to a 2D vector in the movement plane. More...
Vector2 To2D (Vector3 p, out float elevation)
 Converts a 3D vector to a 2D vector in the movement plane. More...
Vector3 To3D (Vector2 p, float elevationCoordinate)
 Converts a 2D vector in the movement plane as well as an elevation to a 3D coordinate. More...

Public Attributes

new bool enableRotation = true
new LayerMask mask = -1
 Layer mask for the ground. More...
new float rotationSpeed = 30
- Public Attributes inherited from RVOController
float agentTimeHorizon = 2
 How far into the future to look for collisions with other agents (in seconds) More...
RVOLayer collidesWith = (RVOLayer)(-1)
 Layer mask specifying which layers this agent will avoid. More...
bool debug
 Enables drawing debug information in the scene view. More...
float flowFollowingStrength = 0.0f
 Determines how strongly this agent just follows the flow instead of making other agents avoid it. More...
RVOLayer layer = RVOLayer.DefaultAgent
 Specifies the avoidance layer for this agent. More...
bool locked
 A locked unit cannot move. More...
bool lockWhenNotMoving = false
 Automatically set locked to true when desired velocity is approximately zero. More...
int maxNeighbours = 10
 Max number of other agents to take into account. More...
float obstacleTimeHorizon = 2
 How far into the future to look for collisions with obstacles (in seconds) More...
float priority = 0.5f
 How strongly other agents will avoid this agent. More...
float priorityMultiplier = 1.0f
 Priority multiplier. More...
float wallAvoidFalloff = 1
 How much the wallAvoidForce decreases with distance. More...
float wallAvoidForce = 1
 An extra force to avoid walls. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RVOController
override int OnUpgradeSerializedData (int version, bool unityThread)
 Handle serialization backwards compatibility. More...
void UpdateAgentProperties ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VersionedMonoBehaviour
virtual void Awake ()
virtual void Reset ()
 Handle serialization backwards compatibility. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from RVOController
Transform tr
 Cached tranform component. More...
- Package Attributes inherited from RVOController
float radiusBackingField = 0.5f
- Properties inherited from RVOController
IAstarAI ai [get, set]
 Cached reference to a movement script (if one is used) More...
float center [get, set]
 Center of the agent relative to the pivot point of this game object. More...
bool enableRotation [get, set]
float height [get, set]
 Height of the agent in world units. More...
LayerMask mask [get, set]
float maxSpeed [get, set]
MovementPlane movementPlane [get]
 Determines if the XY (2D) or XZ (3D) plane is used for movement. More...
Vector3 position [get]
 Current position of the agent. More...
float radius [get, set]
 Radius of the agent in world units. More...
float rotationSpeed [get, set]
IAgent rvoAgent [get, private set]
 Reference to the internal agent. More...
ISimulator simulator [get, private set]
 Reference to the rvo simulator. More...
Vector3 velocity [get, set]
 Current calculated velocity of the agent. More...
- Properties inherited from VersionedMonoBehaviour
int Util.IEntityIndex. EntityIndex [get, set]
 Internal entity index used by #BurstBatchHelper. More...
- Properties inherited from IEntityIndex
int EntityIndex [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ Update()

void Update ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ enableRotation

new bool enableRotation = true

◆ mask

new LayerMask mask = -1

Layer mask for the ground.

The RVOController will raycast down to check for the ground to figure out where to place the agent.

◆ rotationSpeed

new float rotationSpeed = 30

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