A* Pathfinding Project  4.3.2
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
GraphGizmoHelper Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GraphGizmoHelper ()
void DrawConnections (GraphNode node)
void DrawTriangles (Vector3[] vertices, Color[] colors, int numTriangles)
void DrawWireTriangle (Vector3 a, Vector3 b, Vector3 c, Color color)
void DrawWireTriangles (Vector3[] vertices, Color[] colors, int numTriangles)
void Init (AstarPath active, RetainedGizmos.Hasher hasher, RetainedGizmos gizmos)
Color NodeColor (GraphNode node)
 Color to use for gizmos. More...
void OnEnterPool ()
void Submit ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool InSearchTree (GraphNode node, PathHandler handler, ushort pathID)
 Returns if the node is in the search tree of the path. More...


RetainedGizmos.Builder builder [get, private set]
RetainedGizmos.Hasher hasher [get, private set]

Private Member Functions

void System.IDisposable. Dispose ()
void DrawConnection (GraphNode other)

Private Attributes

PathHandler debugData
float debugFloor
GraphDebugMode debugMode
ushort debugPathID
float debugRoof
readonly System.Action< GraphNodedrawConnection
Color drawConnectionColor
Vector3 drawConnectionStart
Pathfinding.Util.RetainedGizmos gizmos
bool showSearchTree

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GraphGizmoHelper()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dispose()

void System.IDisposable. Dispose ( )

◆ DrawConnection()

void DrawConnection ( GraphNode  other)

◆ DrawConnections()

void DrawConnections ( GraphNode  node)

◆ DrawTriangles()

void DrawTriangles ( Vector3 []  vertices,
Color []  colors,
int  numTriangles 

◆ DrawWireTriangle()

void DrawWireTriangle ( Vector3  a,
Vector3  b,
Vector3  c,
Color  color 

◆ DrawWireTriangles()

void DrawWireTriangles ( Vector3 []  vertices,
Color []  colors,
int  numTriangles 

◆ Init()

void Init ( AstarPath  active,
RetainedGizmos.Hasher  hasher,
RetainedGizmos  gizmos 

◆ InSearchTree()

static bool InSearchTree ( GraphNode  node,
PathHandler  handler,
ushort  pathID 

Returns if the node is in the search tree of the path.

Only guaranteed to be correct if path is the latest path calculated. Use for gizmo drawing only.

◆ NodeColor()

Color NodeColor ( GraphNode  node)

Color to use for gizmos.

Returns a color to be used for the specified node with the current debug settings (editor only).

Since 3.6.1 this method will not handle null nodes

◆ OnEnterPool()

void OnEnterPool ( )

Implements IAstarPooledObject.

◆ Submit()

void Submit ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ debugData

PathHandler debugData

◆ debugFloor

float debugFloor

◆ debugMode

GraphDebugMode debugMode

◆ debugPathID

ushort debugPathID

◆ debugRoof

float debugRoof

◆ drawConnection

readonly System.Action<GraphNode> drawConnection

◆ drawConnectionColor

Color drawConnectionColor

◆ drawConnectionStart

Vector3 drawConnectionStart

◆ gizmos

◆ showSearchTree

bool showSearchTree

Property Documentation

◆ builder

RetainedGizmos.Builder builder
getprivate set

◆ hasher

RetainedGizmos.Hasher hasher
getprivate set

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