A* Pathfinding Project  4.3.2
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
RTSUnitManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void AddUnit (RTSUnit unit)
void Awake ()
void MoveGroupTo (List< RTSUnit > group, Vector3 destination, bool userOrder, MovementMode mode)
void OnDeselected (RTSUnit unit)
void OnDestroy ()
void OnSelected (RTSUnit unit)
void RemoveUnit (RTSUnit unit)
void SetSelection (System.Predicate< RTSUnit > predicate)

Public Attributes

Camera cam
readonly List< RTSUnitselectedUnits = new List<RTSUnit>()
readonly List< RTSUnitunits = new List<RTSUnit>()


RTSUnit activeUnit [get, set]

Private Member Functions

void UpdateActiveUnit ()

Private Attributes

bool batchSelection = false
RTSUnit mActiveUnit

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddUnit()

void AddUnit ( RTSUnit  unit)

◆ Awake()

void Awake ( )

◆ MoveGroupTo()

void MoveGroupTo ( List< RTSUnit group,
Vector3  destination,
bool  userOrder,
MovementMode  mode 

◆ OnDeselected()

void OnDeselected ( RTSUnit  unit)

◆ OnDestroy()

void OnDestroy ( )

◆ OnSelected()

void OnSelected ( RTSUnit  unit)

◆ RemoveUnit()

void RemoveUnit ( RTSUnit  unit)

◆ SetSelection()

void SetSelection ( System.Predicate< RTSUnit predicate)

◆ UpdateActiveUnit()

void UpdateActiveUnit ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ batchSelection

bool batchSelection = false

◆ cam

Camera cam

◆ mActiveUnit

RTSUnit mActiveUnit

◆ selectedUnits

readonly List<RTSUnit> selectedUnits = new List<RTSUnit>()

◆ units

readonly List<RTSUnit> units = new List<RTSUnit>()

Property Documentation

◆ activeUnit

RTSUnit activeUnit

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