A* Pathfinding Project  4.1.4
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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oPathfinding in 2DThis page shows how to get pathfinding working in a 2D game
oAccessing graph dataHow to access graphs and nodes
oSearching for paths
oKeyboard Shortcuts
oExtending The SystemThe system can be extended in various ways
|oWriting Graph GeneratorsAll graphs in the A* Pathfinding Project are written as add-ons to the system, this makes it (relatively) easy to add your own specialized graph types
|\Writing ModifiersModifiers are small scripts which post-process paths to for example simplify or smooth them
oFrequently Asked Questions
oFast FactsJust some random facts about the system:
oGet Started With The A* Pathfinding ProjectGet Started with the A* Pathfinding Project
oGet Started Part 2Getting Started with the A* Pathfinding Project - Part 2 - Navmeshes
|oCreating a navmesh manuallyThis tutorial shows how you can model a navmesh in an external 3D modelling program such as Blender
|\Automatically generating a navmeshThis tutorial shows how you use a RecastGraph to automatically generate a navmesh for your game
oGraph TypesBrief overview of the different graph types
oDeploying for mobileThis page is about working with the A* Pathfinding Project when deploying for iPhone/Android
oWorking with JavascriptHow to use the A* Pathfinding Project from Js
oLocal AvoidanceHow to use the local avoidance in the A* Pathfinding Project
|oCustom Local Avoidance Movement ScriptThis page explains how to integrate local avoidance in your own movement scripts
|\Writing RVO CollidersHow to write custom local avoidance obstacles
oNavmesh CuttingNavmesh cutting is used for fast recast graph updates.
oOptimizationSome tips on how to improve performance
|oHeuristic OptimizationA tutorial on how to use heuristic optimization to gain significant speedups
|oPoolingObject pooling is used to decrease the load on the garbage collector
|\Compiler DirectivesIn the pro version of the A* Pathfinding Project there is a tab called "Optimization" in the A* Inspector
oSaving and Loading GraphsHow to precalculate graphs and store that data
oWorking with tagsExplains how tags can be used to restrict where different characters can walk
oUtilities for turn-based games
oGraph Updates during Runtime
oUpgrade Guide
oUsing ModifiersModifiers are small scripts which can hook in to the Seeker and pre and or post process the path before it is returned to the caller
oWandering AI TutorialTutorial on how to make a wandering AI
oTodo List
oDeprecated List
\Bug List