A* Pathfinding Project  4.1.14
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
GraphSerializationContext Class Reference

Holds information passed to custom graph serializers. More...

Detailed Description

Holds information passed to custom graph serializers.

Public Member Functions

 GraphSerializationContext (BinaryReader reader, GraphNode[] id2NodeMapping, uint graphIndex, GraphMeta meta)
 GraphSerializationContext (BinaryWriter writer)
float DeserializeFloat (float defaultValue)
int DeserializeInt (int defaultValue)
Int3 DeserializeInt3 ()
 Read an Int3. More...
GraphNode DeserializeNodeReference ()
UnityEngine.Object DeserializeUnityObject ()
 Read a UnityEngine.Object. More...
Vector3 DeserializeVector3 ()
 Read a Vector3. More...
void SerializeInt3 (Int3 v)
 Write an Int3. More...
void SerializeNodeReference (GraphNode node)
void SerializeVector3 (Vector3 v)
 Write a Vector3. More...

Public Attributes

readonly uint graphIndex
 Index of the graph which is currently being processed. More...
readonly GraphMeta meta
 Metadata about graphs being deserialized. More...
readonly BinaryReader reader
 Deserialization stream. More...
readonly BinaryWriter writer
 Serialization stream. More...

Private Attributes

readonly GraphNode [] id2NodeMapping

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GraphSerializationContext() [1/2]

GraphSerializationContext ( BinaryReader  reader,
GraphNode []  id2NodeMapping,
uint  graphIndex,
GraphMeta  meta 

◆ GraphSerializationContext() [2/2]

GraphSerializationContext ( BinaryWriter  writer)

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeserializeFloat()

float DeserializeFloat ( float  defaultValue)

◆ DeserializeInt()

int DeserializeInt ( int  defaultValue)

◆ DeserializeInt3()

Int3 DeserializeInt3 ( )

Read an Int3.

◆ DeserializeNodeReference()

GraphNode DeserializeNodeReference ( )

◆ DeserializeUnityObject()

UnityEngine.Object DeserializeUnityObject ( )

Read a UnityEngine.Object.

◆ DeserializeVector3()

Vector3 DeserializeVector3 ( )

Read a Vector3.

◆ SerializeInt3()

void SerializeInt3 ( Int3  v)

Write an Int3.

◆ SerializeNodeReference()

void SerializeNodeReference ( GraphNode  node)

◆ SerializeVector3()

void SerializeVector3 ( Vector3  v)

Write a Vector3.

Member Data Documentation

◆ graphIndex

readonly uint graphIndex

Index of the graph which is currently being processed.

uint instead of int after 3.7.5

◆ id2NodeMapping

readonly GraphNode [] id2NodeMapping

◆ meta

readonly GraphMeta meta

Metadata about graphs being deserialized.

◆ reader

readonly BinaryReader reader

Deserialization stream.

Will only be set when deserializing

◆ writer

readonly BinaryWriter writer

Serialization stream.

Will only be set when serializing

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