A* Pathfinding Project  4.1.16
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
astarclasses.cs File Reference


class  AstarColor
 Stores editor colors. More...
struct  GraphHitInfo
 Returned by graph ray- or linecasts containing info about the hit. More...
class  GraphUpdateObject
 Represents a collection of settings used to update nodes in a specific region of a graph. More...
struct  IntRect
 Integer Rectangle. More...
interface  IRaycastableGraph
 Graph which supports the Linecast method. More...
interface  ITransformedGraph
 Graph which has a well defined transformation from graph space to world space. More...
interface  IUpdatableGraph
 Graphs which can be updated during runtime. More...
class  NNConstraint
 Nearest node constraint. More...
struct  NNInfo
 Result of a nearest node query. More...
struct  NNInfoInternal
 Internal result of a nearest node query. More...
class  PathNNConstraint
 A special NNConstraint which can use different logic for the start node and end node in a path. More...
struct  Progress
 Progress info for e.g a progressbar. More...


namespace  Pathfinding
namespace  Pathfinding.RVO
 Local avoidance related classes.


enum  CloseToDestinationMode { Stop, ContinueToExactDestination }
 What to do when the character is close to the destination. More...
enum  GraphDebugMode {
  Areas, G, H, F,
  Penalty, Connections, Tags
 What data to draw the graph debugging with. More...
enum  GraphUpdateThreading {
  UnityThread = 0, SeparateThread = 1 << 0, UnityInit = 1 << 1, UnityPost = 1 << 2,
  SeparateAndUnityInit = SeparateThread | UnityInit
enum  Heuristic { Manhattan, DiagonalManhattan, Euclidean, None }
 How to estimate the cost from to the destination. More...
enum  InspectorGridMode { Grid, IsometricGrid, Hexagonal, Advanced }
enum  PathCompleteState { NotCalculated = 0, Error = 1, Complete = 2, Partial = 3 }
 State of a path request. More...
enum  PathLog {
  None, Normal, Heavy, InGame,
 How path results are logged by the system. More...
enum  PathState {
  Created = 0, PathQueue = 1, Processing = 2, ReturnQueue = 3,
  Returned = 4
 Internal state of a path in the pipeline. More...
enum  Side : byte { Colinear = 0, Left = 1, Right = 2 }
 Indicates the side of a line that a point lies on. More...
enum  ThreadCount {
  AutomaticLowLoad = -1, AutomaticHighLoad = -2, None = 0, One = 1,
  Two, Three, Four, Five,
  Six, Seven, Eight
 Number of threads to use. More...


delegate void OnGraphDelegate (NavGraph graph)
delegate void OnPathDelegate (Path p)
delegate void OnScanDelegate (AstarPath script)
delegate void OnScanStatus (Progress progress)