A* Pathfinding Project  4.0.7
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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Funnel Member List

This is the complete list of members for Funnel, including all inherited members.

Calculate(FunnelPortals funnel, bool unwrap, bool splitAtEveryPortal)Funnelstatic
Calculate(Vector2[] left, Vector2[] right, int startIndex, List< int > funnelPath, int maxCorners, out bool lastCorner)Funnelprivatestatic
ConstructFunnelPortals(List< GraphNode > nodes, PathPart part)Funnelstatic
FixFunnel(ref Vector2[] left, ref Vector2[] right)Funnelprivatestatic
FromXZ(Vector2 p)Funnelprotectedstatic
LeftOrColinear(Vector2 a, Vector2 b)Funnelprotectedstatic
RightOrColinear(Vector2 a, Vector2 b)Funnelprotectedstatic
ShrinkPortals(FunnelPortals portals, float shrink)Funnelstatic
SplitIntoParts(Path path)Funnelstatic
ToXZ(Vector3 p)Funnelprotectedstatic
Unwrap(FunnelPortals funnel, Vector2[] left, Vector2[] right)Funnelstatic
UnwrapHelper(Vector3 portalStart, Vector3 portalEnd, Vector3 prevPoint, Vector3 nextPoint, ref Quaternion mRot, ref Vector3 mOffset)Funnelprivatestatic