A* Pathfinding Project  3.8.2
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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AdvancedSmooth.ConstantTurn Class Reference

Constant turning speed. More...

Detailed Description

Constant turning speed.

A* Pro Feature:
This is an A* Pathfinding Project Pro feature only. This function/class/variable might not exist in the Free version of the A* Pathfinding Project or the functionality might be limited
The Pro version can be bought here

Public Member Functions

override void GetPath (Turn turn, List< Vector3 > output)
override void Prepare (int i, Vector3[] vectorPath)
override void TangentToTangent (List< Turn > turnList)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AdvancedSmooth.TurnConstructor
void AddCircleSegment (double startAngle, double endAngle, bool clockwise, Vector3 center, List< Vector3 > output, float radius)
Vector3 AngleToVector (double a)
double Atan2 (Vector3 v)
double ClampAngle (double a)
double ClockwiseAngle (double from, double to)
 Returns the angle between from and to in a clockwise direction.
double CounterClockwiseAngle (double from, double to)
 Returns the angle between from and to in a counter-clockwise direction.
void DebugCircle (Vector3 center, double radius, Color color)
void DebugCircleSegment (Vector3 center, double startAngle, double endAngle, double radius, Color color)
double GetLengthFromAngle (double angle, double radius)
 Returns the length of an circular arc with a radius and angle.
virtual void OnTangentUpdate ()
virtual void PointToTangent (List< Turn > turnList)
virtual void TangentToPoint (List< Turn > turnList)
double ToDegrees (double rad)

Private Attributes

Vector3 circleCenter
bool clockwise
double gamma1
double gamma2

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AdvancedSmooth.TurnConstructor
static void PostPrepare ()
static void Setup (int i, Vector3[] vectorPath)
- Public Attributes inherited from AdvancedSmooth.TurnConstructor
float constantBias = 0
 Constant bias to add to the path lengths.
float factorBias = 1
 Bias to multiply the path lengths with.
const double ThreeSixtyRadians = Math.PI * 2
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AdvancedSmooth.TurnConstructor
static bool changedPreviousTangent = false
static Vector3 normal
static Vector3 prev
static Vector3 t1
static float turningRadius = 1.0F

Member Function Documentation

override void GetPath ( Turn  turn,
List< Vector3 >  output 
override void Prepare ( int  i,
Vector3[]  vectorPath 
override void TangentToTangent ( List< Turn turnList)

Reimplemented from AdvancedSmooth.TurnConstructor.

Member Data Documentation

Vector3 circleCenter
bool clockwise
double gamma1
double gamma2

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