A* Pathfinding Project v2.5 is released!!

Hi everyone.

This release has been delayed for quite a long time, but now it is finally released for everyone to download!

I have added a lot of things in this update, the thing many have been waiting for is the ability to use your own navmeshes for the pathfinding, I added that, but I didn’t think it was quite enough, therefore I also added three other grid generators:
A list mode so you can define your nodes directly in Unity without the need for a 3d modelling program, and you don’t even need to care about the connections, the script takes care of that automatically.
The second one is the bounds mode, this is quite similar to what my previous pathfinding system used (not the A*), but instead of generating the nodes at runtime this generates a complete navmesh by placing four nodes around each object in the scene and creates connections between them.
The third one is the customisable procedural mode, the script does now have support for external scripts which generate the navmeshes, so now there is no limit to what navmeshes you can use with this system!

Check out the forum release post here.

And you can download the project here.

The system is now better than ever, and I hope it will help people to make even greater games! 😀