Namespace Util


Lightweight Array Pool.

Helper for batching updates to many objects efficiently.

Calculates checksums of byte arrays.

Implements an efficient circular buffer that can be appended to in both directions.

Some editor gui helper methods.

Defines a transformation from graph space to world space.

Holds a lookup datastructure to quickly find objects inside rectangles.

Simple implementation of a GUID.

Transforms to and from world space to a 2D movement plane.

Generic 3D coordinate transformation.

Extension methods for List<T>

Lightweight List Pool.

Various utilities for handling arrays and memory.

Helper class for working with meshes efficiently.

Combines hashes into a single hash value.

Lightweight object Pool for IAstarPooledObject.

Lightweight object Pool.

Helper for parallelizing tasks.

Interpolates along a sequence of points.

Prevents code stripping.

A promise that T is being calculated asynchronously.

A tiny slab allocator.

Lightweight Stack Pool.

Utility class for updating tiles of navmesh/recast graphs.