A* Pathfinding Project  4.1.14
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
RetainedGizmos.Builder Class Reference

Helper for drawing gizmos. More...

Detailed Description

Helper for drawing gizmos.

Public Member Functions

void DrawLine (Vector3 start, Vector3 end, Color color)
void DrawMesh (RetainedGizmos gizmos, Vector3[] vertices, List< int > triangles, Color[] colors)
void DrawWireCube (GraphTransform tr, Bounds bounds, Color color)
 Draws a wire cube after being transformed the specified transformation. More...
void Submit (RetainedGizmos gizmos, Hasher hasher)

Private Member Functions

void IAstarPooledObject. OnEnterPool ()
void SubmitLines (RetainedGizmos gizmos, ulong hash)
void SubmitMeshes (RetainedGizmos gizmos, ulong hash)

Private Attributes

List< Color32 > lineColors = new List<Color32>()
List< Vector3 > lines = new List<Vector3>()
List< Mesh > meshes = new List<Mesh>()

Member Function Documentation

◆ DrawLine()

void DrawLine ( Vector3  start,
Vector3  end,
Color  color 

◆ DrawMesh()

void DrawMesh ( RetainedGizmos  gizmos,
Vector3 []  vertices,
List< int >  triangles,
Color []  colors 

◆ DrawWireCube()

void DrawWireCube ( GraphTransform  tr,
Bounds  bounds,
Color  color 

Draws a wire cube after being transformed the specified transformation.

◆ OnEnterPool()

void IAstarPooledObject. OnEnterPool ( )

Implements IAstarPooledObject.

◆ Submit()

void Submit ( RetainedGizmos  gizmos,
Hasher  hasher 

◆ SubmitLines()

void SubmitLines ( RetainedGizmos  gizmos,
ulong  hash 

◆ SubmitMeshes()

void SubmitMeshes ( RetainedGizmos  gizmos,
ulong  hash 

Member Data Documentation

◆ lineColors

List<Color32> lineColors = new List<Color32>()

◆ lines

List<Vector3> lines = new List<Vector3>()

◆ meshes

List<Mesh> meshes = new List<Mesh>()

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