A* Pathfinding Project  3.8
The A* Pathfinding Project for Unity 3D
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Simulator.Worker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Worker (Simulator sim)
void Execute (int task)
void Run ()
void Terminate ()
void WaitOne ()

Public Attributes

AutoResetEvent runFlag = new AutoResetEvent(false)
Simulator simulator
int start
int task = 0
Thread thread
ManualResetEvent waitFlag = new ManualResetEvent(true)

Private Attributes

WorkerContext context = new WorkerContext()
int end
bool terminate = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Worker ( Simulator  sim)

Member Function Documentation

void Execute ( int  task)
void Run ( )
void Terminate ( )
void WaitOne ( )

Member Data Documentation

WorkerContext context = new WorkerContext()
int end
AutoResetEvent runFlag = new AutoResetEvent(false)
Simulator simulator
int start
int task = 0
bool terminate = false
Thread thread
ManualResetEvent waitFlag = new ManualResetEvent(true)

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